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Globex - Country Info Browser

  • Received an e-mail with a 2 letter country code, and can't figure out from which country it comes from? Let this tool tell you which country it is, by selecting the 2 letter code from the drop down list.
  • Travelling soon to a country and don't know which currency it uses? Just select the country from the list of countries, and you'll find out ahead of time which currency you'll have to obtain.
  • Ever stumped for the international phone dialing prefix for Austria, or Hong Kong? With this tool you can find out immediately the phone prefix for any country! But before you ring, check out the time difference with the World Clock tool or with the World Time Converter tool

  • Find out the country codes, phone code, and currency used, in any country from around the world.
  • Includes all (over 230) countries

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