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Globex - Frequently Asked Questions

To save you & us time, we have posted here a few common questions and their answers.
Hope you'll find your answer here, if not us with your questions.

The Q&A are grouped in the following categories:

Purchasing, Upgrades, etc...

Q: Do you accept Visa / Master Card / AmEx?
A: You may register the software using a credit card through RegSoft. They accept all 3 credit cards mentioned above. They also allow you to register online through a secure website, or by calling a toll free number.

Q: Do you accept a US check, a UK cheque, or a Canadian cheque?
A: US, UK, and Canadian checks/cheques are accepted.

Q: Is currency X, country Y, or city Z included in the registered version?
A: Check the following lists to see whether it is included in the registered Globex version:
If you notice any country, currency, or major world city that is missing let us know at: .
We may take it into consideration for our next release.

Q: What about upgrades? Are they free, discounted, or none?
A: Globex upgrades are free for minor releases (for example upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9 OR upgrade 3.0 to 3.1).

Globex upgrades for major releases are neither free nor discounted. A major release upgrade would be from 1.x to 2.0; or from 2.x to 3.0, or 1.x to 3.x.

The same norms also apply for Globex Pro.

Installation issues

Content coming soon...

General usage

Q: Is there a file that contains my Globex settings & preferences, that I can back-up, so that when I re-install Windows and all the software, I won't have to re-configure Globex manually all over again?
A: You may back-up the file globex.ini, which contains all your personal settings. This file is located in the directory where Globex was installed. When Globex is not running, back-up the file onto a diskette, CD-ROM, or other storage media. When the time comes to restore the settings from the back-up, simply copy the backed-up file over the default globex.ini file (which was installed by the Globex installer). Make sure that when you overwrite the file Globex is not running.

World Clock

Q: Do the city clocks (in World Clock) get adjusted for Daylight Savings Time (DST)?
A: Yes, the clocks automatically adjust themselves for DST, provided that the city does observe DST, at that particular date/time.

Q: How can I adjust the time on the clocks? It gives me the wrong time!
A: To adjust the time on the clocks in World Clock you might have to do one of the following (depending on where the problem lies):

a) Check to make sure that the system's clock in Windows is set correctly? For example is the time on the Windows task bar OK?

b) Under the Options menu in Globex, select World Clock...; this will bring up the World Clock Options dialog box, where you can make customize World Clock. Make sure that the city for Your Location is set to the city where you are currently in (or that it is any city from the same time zone where you are currently located in).

c) You can choose other cities for any of the clocks, by selecting a clock fron the list, and then click the button Change To Another City..., and then select any city from the list.

Q: Globex shows the wrong time for cities in other time zones! For example the time difference between Italy and Egypt should be one hour, but Globex shows the time as being identical for those 2 countries. What's going on?
A: The software is working properly, and this effect is caused by different Daylight Savings Time (DST) adjustments for individual locations (cities / countries / time zones). Some locations do go into Daylight Savings Time, while others do not! For example most countries in Europe, and in North America do go in and out of DST every year for the summer months. Other countries (Australia, N. Zeeland) go in DST during the winter months as opposed to the summer months. Other countries do not use DST at all.

This is different for each country, and it is at the sole discretion of that country's government as what the rules are for DST. Usually once set these rules for DST never change.

In the case of the examples you given:

a) Italy does go in and out of DST every year
b) Dubai and Cairo (plus all of Egypt) do NOT go into DST

Therefore the times that you see in Globex are correct. Globex has the rules for timezones and Daylight Savings Time built in, so it knows the rules for each country and city around the world.

Currency Exchanger

Q: How can I update the currency exchange rates?
A: For step-by-step instructions visit the page How To Update the Currency Exchange Rates Automatically from the Internet

Q: I just downloaded & installed Globex, why are the currency exchange rates that the software gives, outdated / wrong?
A: The exchange rates included with the software might already be out of date when you installed it. They were last updated when the software was released. You will need to update the exchange rates from our web site. Instructions on how to do so, are described on this page.

Q: How often are the exchange rates updated on the web site for download to update Globex's rates?
A: The exchange rates file gets updated on our web site once a day and every day of the year. To always have Globex up to date, you should perform an automatic update once a day.

Q: Can I use Globex offline (not connected to the Internet) to convert between currencies?
A: Yes, of course! This is one of the benefits of Globex in that you can update the exchange rates when you are online, and then work offline with those latest exchange rates. You do not have to stay connected to the Internet all the time.

Q: Do you actually perform the exchange? Who are the transfer agents? How do I set up an account?
A: No we don't perform any exchange. The program simply performs calculations using the values that you insert.

Q: Why should I use Globex when there are web based currency converters?
A: There are many reasons why Globex is better than those web converters, among them:
  • Speed! Web based converters waste a lot of time comunicating between the server (that computes the amount) and the client (your computer, where you enter the info, and see back the results). This can result in lost time & money (internet access fees), especially if you have to convert many amounts of money.
  • Functionality! Web based converters rarely contain more than 2 dozen currencies as opposed to over 170 currencies that Globex (Currency Exchanger) provides, and you can't set your own exchange rates.


Q: I need a feature in Globex which is not available! How may I get it?
A: Please do let us know of any functionality that you'd like to see in Globex in the future. We take all feedback seriously and your feature request might make it in the next version.

However if you'd like the feature urgently, and/or the feature in question is something that needs to be custom developped for your business, we'd gladly create a custom version of Globex for you with the features that you need. For more information please visit our Services page.

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