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Globex Pro 3.0

Globex Pro features the following extensions on top of the standard Globex version
  • World Time Converter, to convert time between time zones.
    Have you ever had to call someone (maybe a VIP) in a city from another timezone, half-way around the world, and did so an inapropriate time? End such embarrassing calls by checking the time in remote cities with Globex Pro - World Time Converter.
  • Currency Filter, to filter out unwanted currencies from the Currency Exchanger tool.
    Instead of having to scroll through a list of over 150 currencies, build your own custom list with only the currencies you are interested in.
  • The Pro flavor also includes all the North American area phone codes, for use in the World Clock tool and the World Time Converter tool.
    Find the time in a location based on its phone area code.


  • Includes all the Tools and Features of the standard flavor of Globex:
    • World Clock, to find out the time in major world cities.
    • Currency Exchanger, to convert amounts of money from one currency into another currency.
    • Measurement Converter, to convert between measurement units.
    • Country Info Browser, to find out the country codes, phone code, and currency used, in any country.
    • Country Info Browser, to find out the currency code, and symbol of any currency. It also shows you a list of countries where a currency is being officially circulated.
  • The ability to update exchange rates from the Web.
  • Install and Uninstall support.
The main window of Globex

Globex Pro comes in two flavors: trial and registered. The trial flavor is available as a free download, while the registered flavor may be ordered for $50 US.

Differences between these 2 flavors:
Cities 20 over 260
Currencies 18 over 160
Countries 23 over 230
Exchange rates updates20unlimited
Pricefree$50 U.S.

Latest version:3.0
File name:GlobexPro-trial.exe
Size (exe):1,050,337 bytes
System requirements:
  • Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 95 / 98 / ME / NT


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