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Globex 3.0

Utilisé par des clients dans plus de 30 pays!

Globex, is a powerful application featuring:
  • Horloge Mondiale, to find out the time in major world cities.
    Have you ever had to call someone (maybe a VIP) in a city from another timezone, half-way around the world, and did so an inapropriate time? End such embarrassing calls by checking the time in remote cities with Globex - World Clock.
  • Échange Monétaire, to convert amounts of money from one currency into another currency.
    Do you ever see something appealing on a web store, or when you are abroad and wonder how much it costs in your own currency, before buying it? Globex - Currency Exchanger allows you to perform currency conversions to figure out such answers.
  • Convertisseur des Mesures, to convert between measurement units.
    Ever tried to purchase something online, from a foreign shop, that listed product specs in metric and you wondered what the specs were in English units, or vice versa. Or perhaps you had to complete an online form that asked for your weight in pounds, while you only know it in kilograms.
  • Info sur les Pays, to find out the country codes, phone code, and currency used, in any country.
    Do you get e-mails with addresses ending in .cx, .md, .kr, and so on, and wonder from which countries they were sent? Or you want to call someone in Japan, France, or elsewhere but you don't know those countries' phone prefixes? Globex - Country Info Browser helps you with those questions!


  • The ability to update exchange rates from the Web.
  • Install and Uninstall support.
La fenêtre principale de Globex

Globex est disponible en deux variantes: essai et complète. La variante d'essai (trial) est disponible gratuitement pour télécharger, et la variante complète peut etre commande pour 20$ U.S.

Différences entre ces 2 versions:
  Essai (Trial)Complète (Registered)
Villes 20 plus de 260
Devises 18 plus de 160
Pays 23 plus de 230
Mises à jour de taux de change20illimité
Prixfree20$ U.S.

Dernière version:3.0
Nom du fichier:Globex-trial.exe
Taille (exe):859,208 octets
System requirements:
  • Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 95 / 98 / ME / NT


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