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Globex - How To Set Currency Exchange Rates Manually

If you don't want to update automatically the exchange rates from the Internet, or if you want to manually modify some exchange rates after updating automatically, use the Set exchange rates ⇒ Manually... feature (acessed from the Options menu).

To set the exchange rates in Currency Exchanger, follow these steps:
  1. Make sure that the base currency that the listings are in, is the same as the base currency presently used by Currency Exchanger. To verify this select Currency Exchanger... from the Options menu. Most of the exchange rates listings available on the Internet use "U.S. Dollars" as the base currency. If this is the case, then select "U.S. Dollars" from the list of currencies.
  2. Enter the new exchange rates. From the Options menu select Set exchange rates ⇒ Manually....
  3. A dialog box will pop up, containing a drop-down list of currencies and an edit box (with the exchange rate for the selected currency in the drop-down list).
  4. Select a currency from the list, and then enter its exchange rate for 1 unit of the base currency (eg. for 1 U.S. dollar if the base currency is U.S. dollars). Repeat this step for as many currencies as you want.

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