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Globex - Testimonials from Users

"As a CEO of a global company I constantly travel from country to country with different time zones and currencies. Without Globex I would be lost! Especially the tremendous support instantly given to assist users."
Robert (Bob) Lathe
CEO, Prestigious Products & Services Co., Ltd.
Banglamung, Thailand

"Thanks for a great product!"
Mark Brown
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

"I have tried the program and am much impressed by its ease of use and its usefullness. I look forward to receiving the full program."
John Cunningham
Lancaster, England

"I have been looking for a Currency Exchanger for a while now, and yours seems to be the only good one around."
Jane Martinez
Coventry, England

"Brilliant software!
Keep up the good work."
Jay Sanyal
Mallow, Ireland

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