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Globex - Update the Currency Exchange Rates

To update the currency exchange rates from the Internet, perform the following:
  1. Start Globex
  2. Under the Options menu; select Set exchange rates ⇒ Automatically...
  3. A dialog will appear; follow the instructions on it, and the rates will get updated.

You can also download separately the update file from here, to open it later within Globex.

If you have Globex versions: 2.7 or newer! Download this file to your computer:

To download using the web browser:
  1. Right-click the mouse, over the file name link
  2. A pop-up menu should appear
  3. Pick:
    • Save Target As... (for Internet Explorer)
    • Save Link As... (for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla, or Netscape Navigator)
    from the pop-up menu
  4. A dialog box will appear asking you to save the file
  5. Save the file, on your local machine.
  6. From Globex update the rates by opening that file.

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