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Icon Viewer - Version History

Version 3.5
	Released:	May 8, 2001
		- Install & Uninstall features added
		- Added a status bar that shows the filename and the index
		of the current selected icon
		- The "Open Directory" dialog box has a label with the  
		number of icons contained in the selected directory
		- The "Open Directory" dialog box remembers the selected 
		directory from one invokation to another of the dialog box
		- A new "About" dialog box has been implemented with a new 
		look, and a fixed hyper text control.

Version 3.0
	Released:	August 23, 1999
		- 32 Bit Windows
		- The list box gets the focus every time after a menu 
		command was used
		- Supports command line arguments
		- The "Select Directory" dialog has been redesigned
		- The "About" dialog has links to website & e-mail address

Version 2.0
	Released:	May 26, 1997
		- Can open directories & view all the icons contained at once
		- When you double click with the mouse you
		see the icon index and the file name
		- You can go to a specific icon
		- You can compare an icon file to another file
		- You can search for duplicates of an icon

Version 1.0
	Released:	April 4, 1997
		- First version, basic features

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