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Globex News #1


I hope Globex is working well for you!  If you have 
any problems or suggestions please let me know.

Soon there will be a new version of Globex comming out;
version 2.7 that will feature a bilingual French/English
interface, as well as other improvements, and bug fixes.

I would like to let you know of 3 web resources that
I have set up for Globex users to find information about
any country, any currency, or any city supported by Globex.

1) Country Info Resources on the Web:

Click on the name of any country listed to be presented
with a list of links to web pages that contain useful
information on the country such as:
	- Geography
	- People & Culture
	- Government
	- Embassies
	- Weather
and much more...

2) Currency Info Resources on the Web:

Click on the name of any currency listed and find
various info on the currency:
	- images of bills of that currency
	- images of coins of that currency (comming soon)
more to come...

3) City Info Resources on the Web:

Click on the name of any city listed and obtain
much information on that city:
	- statistics
	- cost of living
	- history
	- travel information
	- entertainment / attractions
	- maps, weather
and much more...

I hope you'll enjoy taking advantage of all these 
useful resources!  They should come in handy when
preparing travel plans, or doing business around the 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback,
don't hesitate to drop me a line at:  

Cosmin Smeu
(Author of Globex)

Copyright © Cosmin Smeu, 1998-2009. All rights reserved.