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Globex News #3


I would like to let you know, that Globex 2.9 has been 
released recently.

This new version features over 260 cities in World Clock,
(over 50 cities have been added since version 2.8).

Also Currency Exchanger now remembers the currency 
selections from one session to another.

I recommend that you upgrade to this much improved version
of the software, as it has a much better and improved 
update mechanism of the latest exchange rates.

Users of Globex 2.x (2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8) are 
entitled to a FREE upgrade upon request.  Simply request 
an upgrade by sending me an e-mail mentioning "upgrade" 
(along with your RegSoft order ID number, for faster 

Users of Globex 1.x are NOT entitled to a free upgrade to
version 2.9 but may obtain version 1.5 (the latest of the 
1.x series).  Users of the 1.x series wishing to obtain
version 2.9 will need to order it through RegSoft.

Here is a short summary of most prominent improvements done 
to the 2.x series prior to version 2.9:

- [2.8] 38 cities added to Globex
- [2.7] French language support added.
- [2.6] Added a new tool called Currency Info Browser.
- [2.6] Removed the 12 obsolete European currencies that 
        have been replaced by the Euro.
- [2.6] Added 10 cities to the World Clock.
- [2.4] Added a new tool called Measurement Converter, that 
        allows conversions between Metric, US, and English 
        imperial units; from 5 categories: Length, Weight, 
        Area, Volume, and Temperature.
- [2.4] Added 22 cities to 'World Clock'.
- [2.2] World Clock now automatically adjusts the time to 
        DST (Daylight Savings Time) for cities that observe DST.
- [2.0] Redesigned the User Interface.
- [2.0] Added over 70 more cities to World Clock.

Please let us know of features that you would like to see in 
the future.  We are also hopping of adding support for more
languages besides English and French in the user interface.  
Let us know which languages you would like to see supported.

Cosmin Smeu
(Author of Globex)

Copyright © Cosmin Smeu, 1998-2009. All rights reserved.