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Globex News #4


Cosmin here, the author of Globex!

I would like to inform you of updates to the web site,
with respect to the online "Country Info Resources" for 
Globex users!

As you might be aware from previous GlobexNews mailings,
the "Country Info Resources" on the Web, provide for 
Globex users country specific information for each
and every country included in Globex.  There are links that 
point to web pages with information for each country such as:
	- Geography
	- Map(s)
	- News from the country
	- Economic data
	- People & Culture
	- Government information
	- Embassies
	- Weather
	- State of democracy & human rights in the country
and much more...

You may access the country specific pages from either:

	b) from within the "Country Info Browser" tool in Globex,
		by pressing the "More Info on the Country..." button!

Recently I have added support for German, Spanish, and Romanian;
besides the already existing support for English and French.

For each country page, I have also added links to "Info Pages" 
that feature the currency of that country, and links to the 
"Info Pages" that feature cities in that country.

I hope it will be of use to you to obtain useful information
about any country of interest.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback,
don't hesitate to drop me a line at:  

Soon Globex 3.0 will be released.  Globex from now on will 
come in two flavors:  Standard and Pro.  The Standard flavor 
will contain the current feature set plus more improvements 
and will have more features added in the future as well.  

The Pro flavor will contain more advanced features such as: 
a "World Time Converter" tool; a "Currency Filter" tool; 
and World Clock will feature North-American area phone codes 
besides cities, to enable users to find the current time in 
a regional phone area code.

Cosmin Smeu
(Author of Globex)

Copyright © Cosmin Smeu, 1998-2009. All rights reserved.