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Globex 2.0 Press Release


Convert currencies and find the time in cities worldwide!

Ottawa, Canada - August 22, 2001 - Globex 2.0 has been 
released by Cosmin Smeu.  Globex is an award winning suite of
integrated applications including: a "Currency Exchanger", 
a "World Clock", a "Country Info Browser", and an
"Interest Calculator".

The built-in "Currency Exchanger" enables you to convert 
amounts of money from a country's currency into another 
country's currency.  Globex's built-in "World Clock" 
displays the time in major cities from around the world.  
The "Country Info Browser" included, shows country 
telephone prefixes, e-mail suffixes, and various other 
ISO codes for any country in the world.  The "Interest 
Calculator" is included for calculating bank interest.  

The Globex application suite proves to be of great help 
to small, medium, large, or home based businesses that 
deal with international clients & partners, as well as 
to business travelers that frequently travel overseas.  
It is also helpful to sales professionals, internet 
surfers, and vacationers.

The trial version may be freely downloaded from 

The software runs on Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / ME.
The latest currency exchange rates can be updated 
automatically by the software from the internet, at the 
user's request.  The software features both install and
uninstall support.

The trial version contains 16 currencies, 15 countries, and
13 cities, while the full & registered version features over 
170 currencies, over 220 countries, and over 130 cities.
The price of the full version is only $20 US.  It can be ordered 
securely online, toll free by phone, postal mail, or fax.

For more information visit:

The software was developed by Cosmin Smeu, an Ottawa, Canada,
based software developer.


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Full versions are available upon request, for press 
evaluations and reviews.

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